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    For more than a smile… IMPLANT Implant is the best alternative to natural teeth. It is a treatment applicable even in totally edentulous patients. WHY IMPLANT - It is the best alternative to natural teeth. - It prevents bone loss. - Implant protects original teeth and does not require cutting healthy teeth unlike crown-bridge prosthesis. - It is a convenient and reliable application. - It provides better speaking and chewin continue


      For more than a smile… CEREC CAD CAM Now, it is possible to have porcelain teeth  in  a single session without having to go to the dentist many times thanks to the new computer-aided design and manufacturing technology (Cad/Cam) developed. CAD CAM technology consists of two stages. In the first stage, images from the patient’s mouth are directly taken to the device with an optical reader and a continue


    Zirconium is a highly resistant material used in many areas of technology. That is why, it is used in space and arms industries.   ADVANTAGES       It has no allergic properties.       It is a tissue friendly material.       Its importance in dentistry stems from  being white in color and being a material which has a light transmittance closest to natural te continue


    Smile design is the personalization of a person’s smile. For this purpose, considering the person’s  teeth structure and color, jaw shape, gum size, face shape and age; a healthy  natural and aesthetic smile that best suits his face is designed by the dentist in accordance with the personal  requests of the patient. Smile design is the improvement of a person’s smile as desired using techniques such as bleaching, continue