For more than a smile…


Now, it is possible to have porcelain teeth  in  a single session without having to go to the dentist many times thanks to the new computer-aided design and manufacturing technology (Cad/Cam) developed.

CAD CAM technology consists of two stages. In the first stage, images from the patient’s mouth are directly taken to the device with an optical reader and a proper dental prosthesis for the patient is designed.

In the second stage, the designed images are cut out of seramic blocks with a  special device using a computer. These procedures are realized with the automation system. The margin of error is minimal. Thus, the desired crown is produced and applied to patients smoothly and perfectly. This process lasts approximately 2 hours. Patients obtain their new teeth at the end of such a short period as 2 hours in one day without waiting for days as in the old systems.



  •       Application in a single session
  •       High level of  aesthetics
  •       Durability
  •       No more loss of time
  •       No more use of temporary teeth
  •       No more traditional measurement of teeth
  •       Minimum margin of error


  •       Implants

  •       Zirconium crowns
  •       Porcelain crowns
  •       Laminate veneers
  •       Porcelain bridges
  •       Porcelain inlays and onlays (Dental filling with sperior durability and  aesthetics)