Zirconium is a highly resistant material used in many areas of technology. That is why, it is used in space and arms industries.



      It has no allergic properties.

      It is a tissue friendly material.

      Its importance in dentistry stems from  being white in color and being a material which has a light transmittance closest to natural teeth in the infrastructure materials used. Due to such properties, it is used as an infrastructure material in ceramic crowns.

      It is applicable to all cases and ages.

      It does not cause gum infection as it does not corrode.

      It is compatible with titanium, which is an implant material. Thus, it can be used in implant supported prostheses.

      Zirconium porcelain teeth are prepared untouched  by means of computer-aided CAD CAM system. Therefore, its consistency and fitting to the teeth is perfect.

      It does not cause hot or cold sensitivity due to its insulating property.

      As it does not have metal in its infrastructure, a dark colored line in crown – gum line does not occur. It provides a more aesthetic appearance.

      In case of gum recession, zirconium maintains its aesthetic appearance, whereas metal supported porcelains form a bad image in the area where they join the teeth.