Smile design is the personalization of a person’s smile. For this purpose, considering the person’s  teeth structure and color, jaw shape, gum size, face shape and age; a healthy  natural and aesthetic smile that best suits his face is designed by the dentist in accordance with the personal  requests of the patient.

Smile design is the improvement of a person’s smile as desired using techniques such as bleaching, bonding, porcelain and zirconium crowns, gum operations, tooth contouring and bridges. Gums of the person who smile design is applied on regain their normal appearance; tooth color, cracked and broken teeth are restored, chewing function is eased and muscles are enabled to return to their normal position.

Which treatments does smile design include


      Pink aesthetic

      Zirconium / Porcelain crowns


      Orthodontic treatments

Which Problems can be Solved with Smile Design

      Tooth Discoloration

      Gum Malformation

      Malalignment of Teeth


      Missing Teeth

      Face Deformity

      Tooth Size Discrepancy

      Broken and Cracked Teeth